Billowing Eaves

The Billowing Eaves is a translucent pavilion which blends into greenery, and becomes a transient space between the nursery park and waterfront promenade at the West Kowloon Cultural District.

In a conventional pavilion, people organise events under a sheltered space. Asian pavilion distinguishingly cantilevers out the eaves, to offer a semi-outdoor space which blurs the boundary of the building. Inspired by the elegant curvilinear pitch roof, we propose to bring these roofs to ground, and integrate it with the joyous pleasure of ''sitting on roof'', where people can sit on the structures as in an outdoor amphitheater, to enjoy the magnificent sea view, performances, and numerous spontaneous shows which may arise in the park.



Hong Kong is famous for its high density. And due to a lack of indoor space in high-rise residential apartments, it is incredibly common to hang the laundry out of one's windows for drying and sunbathing. Hanging out laundry is like displaying the residents' personality onto the otherwise monotonous building facades. It is a beautiful scene and remains an integral part of Hong Kong's daily life.

"The second life"

Before the 80s, textile industry used to be a huge manufacturing sector in Hong Kong. The city was renowned for producing textiles and trading garments. Although all factories are now moved out of the city, people in Hong Kong do share an affectionate memory towards the business and its fascinating colourful materials.

This love for garments is evident in the rising demand for fashion and clothes. Fast fashion has caused severe pollution. Fortunately there are now ways to produce garments made of 100% recycled materials. This will be the raw material of the Billowing Eaves, where recycled fabrics are hung in the air, displaying its beauty and stands as a vivid reminder to the visitors to recycle their old belongings.


The translucent pavilion blends into greenery, and becomes a transient space between nursery park and waterfront promenade. Lectures, talks, workshops, performance will take place between the eaves. Strolling between the hanging fabrics, visitors will dance with shadows, and see the nature through the overlaying textures.


A few basic colours are chosen to represent the changing tones of vegetation in different seasons. As sea wind breezes through, the fabrics billow like leaves, interacting with the shimmering sun lights and movements of people. 

Each module will form a petal to create a "seed of the fruit".