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Page Turner

Book lovers are always indulged in turning pages. The tangible touch of paper ignites one to explore a broader world of imagination.

This installation, PAGE-TURNER, is located next to the public library. While the library is a solemn building for individual quiet readers. It is a chilled pavilion for reading group to linger, to talk and openly discuss. Everyone can bring his own book and coffee, sits in the public furniture and read under the sunlight.

"Outdoor reading"

PAGE-TURNER is located along the external face of the public library, facing a wide promenade. Library users and people nearby can come and read under the sky. The colourful artwork invigorates the liveliness of the neighbourhood and eriches the reading experience.

"Between the pages"

The artwork is inspired by book pages which are folded open. space is carved out from the pages, enabling groups of 4 to 5 people to sit around in a cluster, where a fashionable "reading club" gathering can be held.

Lingering in the installation is like reading a book,; a world of another dimension is then created, vividly presented between the pages. 

"The second life"

Light, translucent and colourful, the pavilion is composed of recycled books and resin panels, of which the construction is simple. The local community and students are encouraged to assemble them together. Different pages of the community are then bound together, socially and spatially, on the same story. 

"Community Participation"

Resin casting and paper shredding are easy to learn handmade processes. We invite students and neighbours in the library neighbourhood to participate in the fabrication of the pages, encourage participation and dialogues among the community. The installation is truly an art for all, and by all. 


Each module will form a petal to create a "seed of the fruit".