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Children's Playground
Design & Public Engagement

Client: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Expected Completion 2023

HIRS is comissioned by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to provide design and public engagment service for to create unique Children’s Playgrounds with high play value, using a bottom up design approach. 

The Public Engagement Exercise provides comprehensive and systematic data, opinions and suggestions, derived from the stakeholders and users experience at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Playground and other playgrounds they have been to.  

Co-create design workshops

We have lined up with local primary schools and NGOs to co-host a series a co-design workshop to inspire and empower the public to come up with ideas and opinions of their ideal playgrounds.

Site User Survey

Our team visit the site and survey with the users of the part through an interactive survey, to gather information such as demographics and preferred use of playground for the incorporation to our playground design.

The information collected  helped us to identify issues to resolve, understanding the user pattern and demographics, establishing the basis of their expectations, and empowering them to reimagine the potential of the new playground. The opinions collected are further developed into the Final Playground Design.

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