Reinventing Book Classification System Design for the Hong Kong Public Libraries

Completion: February 2020

A fascinating experience to collaborate with one of the finest local artists patpatkate, HIR Studio completed the re-branding of book classification system for the Tsing Yi Public Library, North Kwai Chung Puplic Library and South Kwai Chung Public Library, enhancing legibility of shelf classification information, improving library navigation and the book searching experience, with a playful stylisation of the Dewey System.

Rebranding the public libraries

Inspiration comes from our creative ways to visualise the book classifications, as well as some classic art pieces we all love.

Graphics are in high contrast Black, White, Grey and Yellow for optimal visual clarity.

The book classification are displayed in a clear and easy to navigate format for the ease of the library users: the illustrations assist elderly and children to locate the books they are looking for easily.

In the Children's library, primary colours red and blue are used to add playfulness to the graphics.

... and a sense of artistic mood too! Recognize the famous artwork?

The classification signage design is part of HIR Studio's revamping design for the Hong Kong Public Libraries.


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