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The Ornithopter-
The Spirit of Hong Kong

Location: Tamar
Client: Art Promotion Office LCSD
Completion: June 2022

The pursuit of flight has always been a fantasy of humans over the course of history. From Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of the ornithopter to the first bi-plane test flight across the Hong Kong airspace in 1911, the humankind went through countless unceasing trials, setbacks and failures. This artwork is inspired by the mechanics of the flying machines. Installed with a pair of double-stack flapping wings and a mechanical system, the “Ornithopter” perches on the grass, casting flickering shadows to create an enjoyable naturally shaded public space. The flapping movement is propelled by visitors’ pedalling action on the bikes. As the wings flap slowly in up and down strokes, the wings’ interweaving ribs converge and diverge periodically, encouraging visitors to grit their teeth and keep pedalling on. A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step. Such perseverance is what the spirit of Hong Kong entails.

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