Raise the bar

Inspired by the fluidic sequence performed by an athlete in High Jump, RAISED THE BAR, located in a local sport centre, expresses the spirit in sports and the aspiration to go beyond the limit. The vigor is represented in this artwork by a powerful whips weeping up from the interior of the sports centre, leaping through the roof skylights before landing itself on ground and shortly take off again to reach another skylight. The energy infuses by the artwork invigorates the liveliness in the sports hall and enhances the experience the visitors. 

The artwork abstracted the curves of the body movement from the high jump sequence, connecting them to forming a dynamic sweep leaping over the skylight like high jump athlete leaping over the bar 

"Light and Material"

The installation amplifies the day-lighting effect by the existing skylights on podium roof. Daylight infusion is enhanced with the use of aluminium slats with reflective coatings. The shimmer and reflection from its metallic surface invite light into the building. The slats are profiled and stringed along a spine to create the fluid form, fixed to the wall behind or suspended from skylight structure above. 

"Community Participation"

Resin casting and paper shredding are easy to learn handmade processes. We invite students and neighbours in the library neighbourhood to participate in the fabrication of the pages, encourage participation and dialogues among the community. The installation is truly an art for all, and by all. 


Each module will form a petal to create a "seed of the fruit".