The Wind Whisperer

The Wind Whisperer, located along one of the canal in Amsterdam, re-interprets the Dutch windmills in a contemporary form. It consists of twenty small wind turbines vary in sizes and positions, stretching along a floating pontoon next to the pedestrian road.

The installation is inspired by traditional dutch windmills, which harnesses wind power to drain the wetlands and to be used at a zero-carbon fuel for all kinds of farm production. While sustainability and global warming are the utmost concern of the world today, how this city has succeeded with the use of green power and as a solution to deal with water levels is certainly a lesson for all. Rather than being nostalgic, the installation utilises modern technology to convert wind into power, and to display images with programmed LEDs, traditional as it is, the city is yet energetic, green, 

colourful and affable.

"The visitor experience"

The wind turbines are all orientated at different angles, so as to face the wind as well as canal cruises coming from changing directions. The lighting can turn on at two modes; when the turbine blades are static, the artwork is lit up by pristine monochrome LED outlines; as the turbines catch wind, they spin and activate the lights on the blades, creating intriguing bright images of the city map. The pedestrian street next to the artwork becomes more cosy than ever. When the wind is weak, one can touch and churn up the turbine manually by force, creating interaction among the visitors, artwork and the forces of nature.

As the turbine catch a wind, it spins. The rotation immediately converts into power and activate the four LED strips along the radius of the turbine blades. The LED strips
are programmed in a way that, by rotating quickly, the strip will form like a surface and create intriguing images in bright colours. These images are all different parts of the city of Amsterdam.


Each module will form a petal to create a "seed of the fruit".