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Pixel to Hyper-reality

Location: K11 Art Mall Tsim Sha Tsui
Client: K11
March-May 2018

The K11 mall Hong Kong invited HIR Studio to design a public installation showcasing a series of retro game consoles from the 70s to 00s, as part of a 2-month K11 Art Month campaign to promote e-sports and gaming arts in town.

The installation composed of a pixelated meandering screen, representing the evolution of home video games in the past 50 years, from a '' pixel world'' into an immersive virtual reality.

From pixel to hyper-reality

The first video game console appeared in the 70's, with black & white graphics and big flat pixels. Since then game consoles have been evolving with better CPUs, digital storage, internet connections, and most notably, graphics which tends to emulate the reality.

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