Sha Tin Town Hall Revamp

Completion: February 2020

A complete revamp design to the public areas of the 30+ years old Sha Tin Town Hall, HIR Studio seeks to create pleasant spatial experience while preserving the historical characters of the venue.

"Inspired by Shing Mun River"

Inspired by the town’s close connection with the river, our design concept reintroduces the elements of nature into the interior spaces, to create an intimate environment which reconnects people with the precious nature.

A new reception space is blended in at the entrance foyer.

The rippling bands are inspired by the legendary Shing Mun river flowing across in town, where people gather daily to enjoy the beautiful shimmering reflections at sunset. Undulating waves are integrated in the design as disabled access and signage.

Various elements in blue and orange adorned the public facilities across the town hall to a contemporary identity across the whole venue.

The orange echoes with the reflection of sunset on the Shing Mun River.

The overall revamp design includes the Public Foyers and circulation space, Box Office, Provision of new Public Seating and Signage System.


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